Woman Divides Internet After 'Taking Up Enough Space For 10 People' At Busy Airport

No one likes waiting around at an airport.

But it's even worse being stuck in an airport when you don't have anywhere comfortable to sit.

That's why one woman has outraged TikTokers by sprawling across multiple seats.

For many people, she was taking up much more than her fair share of space in the busy terminal. But some others disagreed, arguing that there was nothing wrong with making yourself comfy if the seats were free.

In a video posted to the social media platform, TikTok user Ameya Okamoto captured a clip of the traveler sprawled out across several chairs. She can be seen lying flat out asleep with her various electrical items fanned out around her, as well as her backpack and pillow taking up more space.

"Can we talk about how this woman is taking up enough space for like 10 people at my gate..." the TikToker said in the text overlay. She went on to explain that - far from being empty - the airport was so busy that she then had to go and sit on the ground.

"After this she sat up and stared at me while I looked for a place to sit and now I am on the floor," Okamoto added in the caption.

The short clip garnered a lot of attention from other users on the platform, with many taking to the comments section to complain about the inconsiderate traveler.

"How are people comfortable enough to sprawl out like it's their personal living room?" wrote one user, while another added: "That is what you call a sense of entitlement and not thinking of others."

However, not everyone agreed. For other users, it was Okamoto and not the woman taking up all the seats who was in the wrong. They argued that she should have simply asked her to move up rather than moaning on TikTok.

"There's no one look for seating! There's even bags on seats from other people. Why cause drama?" one wrote, with another commenting: "Why are people so afraid of confrontation that they would rather inconvenience themselves and then complain on the internet later."

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