People Are Absolutely Baffled By Cara Delevingne's Friendship With Meghan Thee Stallion

Videos of Cara Delevingne's bizarre interactions with Megan Thee Stallion at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards are going viral - and people are confused.
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The model, 29, appeared to have spent much of the evening following the 'WAP' hitmaker Megan around.

In a series of clips, she can be seen popping up beside the rapper, fixing her dress for her, and getting up close to her face at the star-studded event in Las Vegas.

One clip shows Megan - full name Megan Jovon Ruth Pete - posing on the red carpet while, in the background, Delevingne can be seen peeping from behind a banner, shouting her encouragement.

In another video (supposedly taken moments later) Delevingne can no longer contain herself and dashes out from behind the wall so she can toss Megan's train in the air. The London-born model throws the train, then scurries over to grab it again so she can give photographers a second chance at getting a more dynamic shot.

Credit: Image Press Agency / Alamy
Megan's own assistants had adjusted her outfit just a few minutes before, so the rapper understandably looked a little confused as to what Delevingne was doing. She took it in good faith though and laughed along with the model.

In clips from later on in the evening, Delevingne can be seen licking the air in front of Megan and (hilariously) popping up next to her midway through a conversation with Doja Cat.

The videos have sparked a barrage of tweets from viewers who are frankly confused as to why Delevingne was following Megan around all night.

"Why in every piece of media i see of megan at this awards i see cara delevingne 5 inches away from her [sic]," one wrote, while another added: "Why every time i see cara delevingne her tongue out and she in megan’s face [sic]."

Others thought Delevingne's behavior was more problematic. "Cara delevingne is the perfect exemple of someone who doesn't respect other people's boundaries at all," one person tweeted, while another pointed out.

However, some thought there was nothing wrong with Delevingne being overly supportive of another woman. "Women looking out for women is what Cara Delevingne is to Megan thee stallion," they wrote alongside a clip of her shouting encouragement.

Now, the likely explanation is that these two are probably just good friends most social users never expected to get along so well. And you have to admit, the videos of them together are hilarious to watch!

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