Tiktoker Says Her Manager Harassed Her After She Quit Her Non-profit Job

A TikToker says that her manager “harassed” her after she submitted her resignation letter and declined to discuss the resignation further in a now-viral TikTok, sparking discussion about toxic non-profit workplaces in the comments.

In the video posted by TikToker MJ (user @pseudo.nef) on Tuesday, she shows a clip of her manager following her down the hallway after she submitted her resignation letter. Text overlay on the video reads, “POV: my manager harassing me after I gave her my resignation letter.”

“So she’s going to come down the hallway after I said she couldn’t have a word with me, to continue to talk shit,” MJ says, recording her manager in the hallway. “What you had to do was take the resignation letter and be quiet.”

In the next clip, MJ explains that she turned in her resignation letter after receiving an email early that morning from her manager saying that employees could not take time off during a certain event even though “she had already requested us to see who was available.”

In a TikTok direct message to the Daily Dot, MJ explains that two weeks prior, she was informed that employees would not be paid for the event and “decided not to go,” but her manager “made it mandatory.”

“I woke up to meditate and to stretch and to juice and I just can’t believe that people wake up in the morning just ready to wreak havoc and spew this negative ass energy onto people,” MJ says in the video.

MJ continues that she slid the resignation letter under her manager’s office door and handed her key to a coworker because her office door was closed. MJ says that her manager came out of her office and insisted that they talk after MJ declined.

“I’m pressing the elevator button as fast as I can and as soon as I hear the door open she starts, ‘Woah, you’re spoiled. I don’t even know what I did to you,'” MJ says. “She’s upset because of the little email I sent letting our direct supervisor know that this is a toxic work environment.”

MJ shows a screenshot of the email to their direct supervisor that explains that she is leaving because she promised that she would leave if she was “berated, mistreated, and verbally and emotionally bullied in the workplace” at the start of her employment.

The email concludes, “This generation puts their mental health before any job. Remember that with your next hires.”

In the final clip, MJ shows more footage of the confrontation with her manager, saying, “I’m just glad I got this on recording because this is how Equal Hope treats their staff.” She also claims that her manager threatened to sue if the footage was publicized but is “[waiting] for her to send a cease and desist.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Equal Hope, a healthcare non-profit based in Chicago, via Facebook and Instagram direct message.

The video has amassed over 136,000 views and 12,000 likes as of Monday, with users sharing their own experiences in “toxic” workplace environments.

“I quit my corporate job in Aug of last yr. no back up plan nothing. it worked out better than I imagined. you got this,” one user wrote.

“Yes girl I work for a nonprofit literally putting my physical and mental health at risk daily to get treated like a damn dog.. Issa shame,” another said.

“Non-profits can be some of the most toxic workplaces. I’ve had to sadly leave a few where I loved my job but not the management behavior,” a third added.

In a TikTok direct message to the Daily Dot, MJ said that beyond the email referenced in her TikTok, her biggest reason for quitting was “the lack of support [she] was receiving from management” while they forced her to “yield results for their grants.” MJ also alleged “abuse” on the job, including “racism,” “requiring work on Sundays,” “stealing money from employees by not approving expense reports,” and making employees pay for events out of their own pockets.

MJ also said that she turned in the resignation letter on May 10 because she is moving, after which her “life became hell” at her workplace.

“Every morning something about my work was wrong, even though when I first came I was constantly praised,” MJ wrote. “I began setting boundaries. I was overwhelmed and reaching burn out and it wasn’t until I cried in my supervisor’s office that they helped lighten my load.”

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