‘The Amount Of People Admitting Peeing In A Pool In This Comment Section Disgusts Me’: Vacationer Warns Against Going Up To Swim-up Bars

A TikToker’s video advising against getting into pools with swim-up bars has polarized its viewers, with commenters falling into two distinct groups.

Unfortunately, those groups are people admitting to urinating in pools with swim-up bars, and people who do not do that.

Recent studies show the average pool may have up to 20 gallons of urine in it, with 19% of people surveyed admitting to having relieved themselves in a swimming pool. According to the Centers for Disease Control, peeing in a pool leaves less chlorine to kill germs and creates chemical irritants called chloramines.

The video posted by @twofoodpiggies shows a crowd of people enjoying a swim-up bar and is captioned, “One girl didn’t understand why some people were leaving the pool to use the washroom.”

Some commenters didn’t see anything wrong with relieving themselves in the pool, pointing to the amount of chlorine in the water as justification.

“I am one of those intoxicated guests peeing in the pool,” one commenter wrote.

“There’s so much chlorine you’re fine,” another claimed.

“Tell me you just found this out without telling me,” a commenter wrote. “(come on,) 80% of the people never leave the pool. Oh by the way, (in) other pools the kids never get out so there’s that. I go to the ocean and yes I’m aware there’s (pee) there too!”

“I just stayed at the Riu palace and the washrooms were so far away from the pool it was so annoying like I gotta walk a mile every 20 mins drinking,” one commenter wrote.

Others could not justify someone relieving themselves in a swimming pool, bar or not.

“Funny I had people comment that I go to the washroom a lot,” one commenter wrote. “My comeback was, ‘you know I’m not peeing in the pool. People not getting out are peeing.'”

Another claimed they “learned this the hard way” after getting pink eye.

“Not me diving under water at a swim up bar and getting an ear infection,” another shared.

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