The Rock Gives Away His Own Truck To A Navy Vet And His Reaction Is Making Us Ugly Cry

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is basically the most charitable dude ever. During a screening of his film Red Notice, he decided to make the event less about him and more about a very deserving Navy veteran. Because … that's just the most him move ever.

The Rock personally selected Navy veteran Oscar Rodriguez and gifted him something truly amazing — his own truck.

The exchange was enough to make you ugly cry — and yes, we're ugly crying.

The Rock handed the veteran a note, which he then read out loud. It said, "Thank you for your service, brother. Enjoy your new truck." Instantly, Oscar melted to the ground with his head in his hands. He was in complete and utter disbelief. Ya know, like anyone would be when The Rock gives you his own truck.

"What the heck is happening!?" he shouted, still on the ground. When he finally got up, he basically tackled The Rock in a giant hug. The actor assured him that he was completely deserving of the gift.

"You do a lot of good for people, man," he said.

The cutest part of the story is that Oscar thought just meeting The Rock was the big surprise and he was totally satisfied with that alone. "I thought this was your truck, bro," he said adorably, after reading the card.

The Rock quipped, "It is my truck. Now it's your truck."

If you're not crying yet, you must be made of stone — like, an actual ROCK.

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