Tenant says the smell of her apartment’s carpet is making her sick—and her landlord ghosted her

In a viral TikTok video posted this weekend, a renter alleges that the smell in her apartment’s carpet is making her sick, and she threatens to sue her landlord if they don’t replace it.

“You know what they can’t show you in a video tour? Smells,” Megara (@depressscious) says.

Megara says she was given a virtual video tour of her apartment before she moved in, but could not see it in person as she moved from out of town. However, in the month-and-a-half she’s lived there, she says the stench has become a detriment to her health.

“I walk in, and immediately, the aroma hits me. Like a labrador and a weimaraner got out of a lake and rolled around on this carpet for at least 10 years,” she says of the first time she entered her apartment.

At that time, she says the carpet was damp, which her property management assured was a result of the carpet cleaners they had recently brought in. They said the smell should go away once the carpet had dried.

Yet, Megara says the odor never went away. “No amount of nag champa, no amount of Yankee Candle could ever get rid of this stench,” she says in the video.

She alerted her landlord of the continual issue, but claims they haven’t responded to her. Megara then tried countless cleaning methods in hopes of removing the smell, but none succeeded.

“The smell has actually gotten worse, despite my best efforts,” she says. “At this point, I absolutely believe there is bacteria or some such thing growing in the padding of this carpet.”

In the past few days, the TikToker says she’s also experienced burning in her nose, throat, and lungs, which she believes to be an effect of the carpet. “From what you may ask? Oh, the ammonia vapor, from the pet urine that’s been stored in this carpet,” she says.

All urine contains ammonia. According to the New York State Health Department, people exposed to high concentrations of ammonia in the air can experience burning in the eyes, nose, throat, and respiratory tract, which can lead to more serious health effects. Even lower concentrations can cause coughing and respiratory irritation.

Megara also claims that her current housing conditions are against the code in her state, and threatens to sue her landlord if the carpet is not replaced.

“My carpet has been making me sick,” the TikToker captioned the video. “I’ve tried it all, everything. This isn’t my responsibility. I don’t have pets. if they don’t replace it – I’m taking this to court.”

Her video received nearly 70,000 views, and several users shared the creator’s frustrations with her property management company.

“The hatred I have for housing companies and the like who have tenants saying “this is unlivable plz help” and all they get back is radio silence,” one user said.

Many others suggested Megara seek legal help or reach out to the health department.

“Get a letter from a lawyer threatening to sue, they’re gonna remove that carpet real quick,” one user said.

“Call the health department and request an inspection stating your claims. they’ll search the WHOLE PROPERTY,” another said.

In a comment on the video, Megara said she is currently withholding rent from her landlord due to inhabitable conditions.

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