Woman Says She Left Tattoo Appointment Early After Being Fat-Shamed By Artist

A woman has taken to social media to reveal that a tattoo artist fat-shamed her in the middle of her appointment, leaving her with a half-finished inking.

TikTok user Dalina - who goes by the handle @senoracabrona on the social media platform - documented her awful experience with her 543.2K followers in a post that has now been viewed 15.4 million times and has amassed 2.9 million likes.

The video showed the California native sitting in her car visibly upset. Dalina wrote in the caption: "I just had a panic attack in my car".

Check out her TikTok below:

Dalina began her video by saying that she met the tattoo artist while working out at the gym: "I met this guy at the gym and he approached me specifically because of my tattoos and he was like ‘oh I do tattoos’ and he gave me his card and we exchanged information."

She reviewed his work online and decided that she wanted to make an appointment with him so she could get an ink design all over her stomach.

"Naturally, I come to the [appointment] and he has me take off my shirt," she says. "I have my pasties so I’m literally just there without a shirt. And then literally just my nipples are covered."

Dalina then revealed that the man behind the needle told her that her body figure was "unsymmetrical", used crude language such as "t**s" and then body-shamed her by saying: "Oh, I get why I see you in the gym all the time; you got back rolls."

After posting the video on the social media platform, users quickly flooded her comment section with virtual support and said they were unhappy with the man's actions.

One person said: "He was trying to tear you down on purpose".

Another commented: "[You're] not being dramatic at all. The fact he got you to take [off} your shirt for a tattoo of your stomach."

A third TikTok user wrote: "I am SO sorry this happened to you. My jaw dropped. You are STUNNING. So inappropriate."

In response to one of her comments asking why she paid the man, Dalina disclosed that she paid him because of the height difference between them, and the uncertainty of what would've happened if she just left without exchanging money.

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