Worker Shuts Down Critics Who Say People Aren’t Willing To Spend Money On Doordash

A DoorDash driver shard the lowest order she ever received on the food delivery app, shutting down critics who say no one uses the app. User Cyn (@swizzlebalarkey) says she received a DoorDash request for a single item, which had the lowest subtotal she has ever seen.

“This video is for all the people in my comments saying nobody uses DoorDash. Just wait for this order that I got,” she says in the video. “Typical no-tip order. What stood out to me was the one item. An iced tea for $1.69.”

Cyn then shares the screenshot of the DoorDash order where the customer ordered a single iced tea from Sonic Drive-In.

“So I was like, ‘Hmm, I wonder how much this person actually paid,” Cyn continues. She then shares a screenshot of a mock order showing the same item with the total adding up to $9, including delivery fees and taxes.

“$9.14 for an iced tea,” she says.

“And y’all are out here telling me nobody uses DoorDash; it’s gonna go down in the drain,” Cyn mimics in the video.

“Someone’s willing to pay $9 to get an iced tea delivered to their home. Sorry to break it to you but it’s happening,” Cyn finishes.

Cyn posted the video on TikTok on April 30, and it amassed almost 20,000 views. The majority of the viewers were users who either used DoorDash or were those claiming to be DoorDashers as well.

“I had someone order just a ketchup from McDonald’s,” one alleged DoorDasher commented.

“I always tip because I know these people take their time to get my order and they depend on the tip, everyone should always tip!” another user wrote.

“Unfortunately we spent over 6k on doordash last year. People definitely use it lol,” a third commented.

Others claimed the delivery service was too expensive.

“I don’t use it because I’m not paying 40 dollars for a 15-dollar meal when I can drive there,” a viewer replied.

“I love the convenience of door dash but I’m too cheap to use it. Not bc I don’t wanna tip but those fees! Lmao,” another user commented.

Cyn clarified in the comments section that she did not accept the order but offered advice for new dashers.

“Once you’ve got a couple under your belt I think they start sending you good ones,” she wrote.

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