Employee Says They're Being Blamed After Co-Worker Stole Their Lunch And Suffered Anaphylactic Shock

An employee has taken to social media to ask for help after one of their co-workers - the boss' daughter, no less - ended up hospitalized after stealing their lunch.
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Taking to Reddit, the aptly named user 'Peanut_Sauce_Fiasco' sought the advice of others by sharing their story in the 'Am I The A**hole' subforum.

In their lengthy post, the worker explains: "I'm at a loss here guys. Realistically, I know I'm in the clear. Legally, I'm in the clear. But I'm being vilified by my coworkers and I'm genuinely considering quitting my job because of this mess."

Explaining that they often enjoy a Thai-style peanut sauce with their lunch, the employee adds: "Lately, my lunches have been disappearing, or I'll open my lunchbox to find half of my food missing."

In the post, the Redditor writes that they did alert their boss to the issue, but was told that it was for HR to deal with.

"I was pretty sure it was one of the new hires that was doing it, but had no proof. Until now," they write.

During a recent shift, the worker had gone to eat their lunch, only to find the Tupperware container missing. Admittedly "p***ed", she was forced to share a co-worker's pizza.

However, they were then confronted by their employer.
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"My boss confronted me and accused me of poisoning my noodles because his daughter (one of the new girls) 'borrowed' my lunch and had to be hospitalized," the employee writes. "Turns out she's severely allergic to nuts, ate some, and boom. Anaphylaxis."

Fortunately, the co-worker had an epi-pen on hand to combat the reaction. However, the worker explains that now their boss is being "hateful" towards them.

They explain: "Her dad is trying to hold me accountable for her bills and condition, but I don't see it. Why should I pay? I don't mark my food as an allergen because I'm not allergic to it, she was just dumb enough to steal from me and eat something she can't have."
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Some of their other co-workers are also apparently "icing them out".

The Redditor also explained that this was the first time their lunch had gone missing, and that they did not deliberately use the peanut sauce in an attempt to target the individual.

After asking the people of Reddit for advice, the post blew up and had since amassed more than 29,000 upvotes and 4,000 comments.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people were in full support of the worker.

"NTA [Not the a**hole] - Go to HR immediately and make them aware of what is going on. You did absolutely nothing wrong and your boss's behavior is 100% inappropriate," one person commented.

"She stole from you, and that’s what happened," a second added, "It’s not your fault that the boss’ daughter didn’t check for peanuts. 100% her own fault. Report the boss to HR regardless, and warn him that you’ll report him again if he takes revenge on any kind on you."

And a third wrote: "If someone’s allergic to certain foods it’s on them to watch what they eat - not a simple task when they’re stealing food. Report it to HR."

The message here is simple: Don't steal other people's food!

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