Rachel Riley Divides Internet After Hitting Out At 'Problematic' Johnny Depp

Rachel Riley has taken to social media to slam Johnny Depp as the star prepares to enter the final week of his defamation trial against Amber Heard.
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Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, May 18, the Countdown star re-posted a thread from another user on the platform with the handle, @arkhamcitysiren. The thread in question was titled: "Johnny Depp: a problematic history."

Alongside the re-post, the 36-year-old TV personality wrote: "I wouldn’t wish this guy on my worst enemy."

Minutes later, Riley shared an article from the National Domestic Violence Hotline with the title: "The Myth of Mutual Abuse."

Needless to say, Riley's tweet garnered a mixed response from fans.

One person wrote: "Have you looked into the facts or actually watched the trial? Johnny is no angel but it seems Amber was the abuser in this case."

Another added: "Hi Rachel. You heard the audio of Amber admitting she abused him yes? Just checking."

A third wrote: "None of her witnesses so far have confirmed they have seen him abusing her but at least one of her witness has confirmed that she hit them. Make it make sense."

A different person commented: "The jury is very much out on whether he has hit her. But Heard has been recorded admitting she hit him on several occasions, severed his finger, belittled him and still hasn't paid the $charity she told the world she had donated."

There were some, though, who echoed Riley's stance on the matter, with one chiming in to say: "They're gonna ratio you but you're right queen."

This comes some weeks after Riley called out fans of the Edward Scissorhands star for supposedly blindly rallying around the actor throughout the domestic violence trial.

On April 28, Riley took to the platform to share a screenshot of one of Depp's expletive-filled messages about Heard from 2016, which was included as evidence in the trial.

"This thread, 1000 times over," she wrote alongside the screenshot as well as a thread reprimanding people for "condoning" the poor treatment of Depp's ex-wife Heard, who is an alleged domestic violence victim.

Riley went on to write: "There has already been a judgement (so detailed it's 129 pages long) showing Depp to be a monster. This is one of his own messages in evidence. How so many people can help him abuse his victim now is completely shocking."

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