Psychiatrist Asked Whether Johnny Depp Doodling And Eating Candy Are Signs Of Narcissism

A psychiatrist called by Amber Heard's legal team as a defense witness was asked on Monday whether Johnny Depp's habit of doodling and eating candy in court were evidence that the actor has narcissistic traits.
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Depp, 58, and Heard, 36, have entered the final week of their defamation trial, in which the former is suing the latter for claiming to be a victim of "sexual violence". He wasn't named in the op-ed but he claims it nonetheless harmed his career and his reputation.

The Edwards Scissorhands star is suing the Aquaman actress for $50 million. Meanwhile, Heard is countersuing her former husband for twice the amount.

On Monday, psychiatrist Dr. David Spiegel took the witness stand and was questioned about Depp's supposed narcissistic traits.

Heard's attorney Elaine Bredehoft asked Dr. Spiegel: "We've seen Mr. Depp during this trial doodling and eating candy. What if any evidence would that suggest that he has narcissistic traits?"

But before the psychiatrist had a chance to respond, an attorney for Depp objected to the question, with Judge Penney Azcarate ultimately sustaining the objection.

Elsewhere during Dr. Spiegel's testimony, he went through typical signs of narcissism and explained whether he felt they applied to Depp.

He said: "Narcissism patients have poor control, rapid mood shifts, undue sense of admiration, worship power, they worship control.

"They have a lack of empathy and people are generally kept around as long as they are useful to them, a large sense of entitlement. Need for praise, and intimate partner violence'"

Dr. Spiegel went on to state that being envious and having a "fragile self esteem" were part of being narcissistic.

When asked if the Pirates of the Caribbean star was narcissistic, he said: "I do think that the fact he thought that Amber owed him and only wanted to be together with him because of his fame is an example of that. I think the jealousy is an example of that. This whole trial in terms of a narcissistic insult is what's going on."

Dr. Spiegel added: "If you're not agreeing with what Mr. Depp has to say, you are no longer useful, okay, therefore you don't really care about others for others, you care about others for your benefit."

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