Pregnant Mom Has Baby With Rare Condition, Is Baffled When Adoptive Family Won't Take Her

Christina Fischer learned she was pregnant, but quickly realized she was unable to provide for another child. At the time, she was practically homeless in Florida and the birth father wasn't part of her life.
Pregnant and determined to give the baby a better chance at life, Christina connected with a local adoption agency that promised to find her baby girl a loving home. Together, they decided on a family in Georgia who stayed in close communication with her throughout the pregnancy. Everything seemed to line up perfectly.

Christina said her ultrasounds always came back normal, but when she gave birth to Abigail Lynn in January 2016, she realized the newborn looked much different than she expected.

Doctors diagnosed Abigail Lynn with Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare genetic condition that caused her facial features to be underdeveloped. The syndrome can also cause respiratory problems and eye abnormalities.

Despite the diagnosis, Christina thought Abigail was absolutely beautiful. But the adoptive mom, who was at the hospital when she went into labor, felt much differently about it.

"I let her take the other wristband into the NICU," Christina said. "She came out crying and left the hospital. We never heard from them again."

That's right, the family that was supposed to adopt Abigail Lynn reportedly abandoned the baby because of her condition.

But Christina took the shocking and unexpected change of plans as a sign.

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