'Old Man' From Squid Game Makes Presenter Cry With Touching Message About Getting Old

The 'old man' from Squid Game made a presenter cry when he shared a touching message about getting old,

O Yeung-su was one of the stars of the hit dystopian South Korean drama, written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, which follows desperate citizens who are invited to take part in mysterious and brutal games for a massive sum of money.

The series arrived on Netflix last September and took the world by storm, becoming the streaming giant's biggest ever show.

Yeung-su played participant 001, aka Oh Il-nam, an elderly gentleman with a brain tumour who elected to take part in the deathly games rather than wait to die in the real world.

Throughout the show, he was at the heart of many touching moments – and it seems he doesn't need a script to move people.

In an interview with Viu Singapore last year, he reduced one of the presenters to tears with his musings on getting old.
Damn he's disarming. Credit: YouTube/Viu Singapore
Asked if he has any troubles on his mind, the 77-year-old replied: "I don't have any specific troubles, but I do have some worries.

"I hope I can live happily with my family without any problems. I hope and worry at the same time."

This in itself was a fairly ordinary answer; we all want to live happily with our families without any problems. But it was as he delved deeper into how his outlook has changed over the years that presenter and singer Lee Mi-joo began to tear up.

Yeung-su said: "I try not to get greedy in life. Whether it's small or big, we've received a lot of things.

"Now I want to give everything I get back to the community – that's how I think these days."

He continued: "Let me give you a simple example. You walk in the mountains and find a flower. When you're young, you pick the flower and take it.

"When you become about my age, you just leave it there as it is, and go back and appreciate it again.

"Life is no different – just leave it just the way it is."
His wisdom proved to much for her. Credit: YouTube/Viu Singapore
And just in case she wasn't moved enough by the guest, he left with a very beautiful message indeed.

He said: "My favourite word among Korean words is 'beauty'.

"Beautiful world, beautiful people, beautiful society. I came here today, met two beautiful people in a beautiful space and had a beautiful time.

"I hope you live a beautiful life."

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