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Every wedding day is special in its own way.
After all, there aren't many occasions more joyful than celebrating two people committing to spending their lives together!

Still, we have a special place in our hearts for weddings that take things up a notch for a truly unique celebration of love, like we saw with the sweet bride who asked her grandma to be one of her bridesmaids.

In fact, there's a growing trend for making grandparents an extra-special part of the wedding party!

We've seen grandparents walk down the aisle in all sorts of roles, from flower girls to ring bearers, and we think it's a pretty sweet way of making sure your grandparents are part of the big day.

Still, I don't think we've seen anything that tops one bride and her "flower grandpa"!

Yes, you read that right — instead of a flower girl, Jen Briskin convinced her grandpa, Stanley, to be the man of the hour.

Scroll through below to learn more about this awesome family tradition in the making.
When Jen Briskin got ready to start planning her wedding with fiancé Austin, she knew it was going to be a unique event!

She also knew from the get-go that she wanted her awesome grandpa to be a major part of the event.

She told BuzzFeed, "I always knew that I wanted him to play a special part in my wedding."
We've seen more grandparents than ever involved in wedding ceremonies, but Jen put a unique twist on the growing tradition.

Instead of having a flower girl in her wedding, she presented her grandfather a custom-made handkerchief, with her unusual request embroidered into the fabric.

The hankie reads, "Papa, Will you be my FlowerGrandpa? Love, Jen."
Stanley was very much on board with his darling granddaughter's eccentric request.

Jen and her "Papa" spend every Sunday walking in the park together, chatting about everything from the stock market to Stanley's past as a DJ.

If you ask us, it sounds like Stanley is quite the character in his own right, so we aren't surprised he was on board with such an imaginative take on the flower girl trend!
As soon as Jen asked him, her 85-year-old grandfather began taking his flower grandpa duties very seriously.

He wanted to make sure he pulled off his role in the wedding without a hitch, so he consulted extensively with his granddaughter's maid of honor, who also happened to be Jen's sister, Allison!

Together, they rehearsed the routine using fallen leaves as a stand-in for the flower petals in the actual ceremony.
On the big day, all that practice sure paid off!

Stanley, who was still a little unclear on scattering the petals, walked down the aisle second to last, right before the bride.

He came out to instant gales of laughter from the crowd, which he impishly capitalized on by throwing handfuls of petals at the guests (while cracking jokes) on his way down the aisle.
Stanley's big entrance was a major secret — none of the guests knew that he'd be stepping out instead of a traditional flower girl.

Even Austin, pictured above, didn't totally believe that his bride was serious!

According to Jen, her Papa totally stole the show (in the best way possible) and became the man of the hour at the reception after his performance brought down the house!

And for Jen, the most special part of the whole ceremony was that she got to have the rare privilege of making her grandpa a part of it.

She noted, "I am so lucky to have a grandfather who was able to walk down the aisle at my wedding."

Not only that, she added, "I am even luckier that he loves me so much that he would go along with my crazy ideas!"

We have to agree — she is pretty darn lucky to have such an awesome flower grandpa!

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