Moms Fight Over Formula Shortage at Massachusetts Target After Woman Empties Store Shelf

Circumstances surrounding the ongoing formula shortage throughout the United States have changed rapidly in the past week. Parents everywhere are anxious about the possibility of running out of formula for their babies as stock in many stores continues to be incredibly low and, in some cases, nonexistent. Inevitably, that has led to some parents attempting to stockpile formula when they do actually find it.

Of course, such behavior only serves to exacerbate the problem and leave more families on the hunt for nourishment for their babies. One mom ran into just such a situation while shopping at a Target in Massachusetts, and well ... she'd had enough. She confronted a woman who had taken every bottle of a specific type of formula off the shelf for herself, and unfortunately, she didn't get the response she'd hoped for.

One mom faced an incredibly frustrating situation when she went to pick up some formula.

She went to a Target in Massachusetts, and when she got to the baby formula aisle, she was frustrated to find another woman clearing the shelves of one particular variety of formula. The other person had put every bottle in her cart.

The mom managed to capture the confrontation on video, and in it, there are clearly more than 30 bottles of ready-to-feed formula in the other woman's cart.
The store shelves were nearly entirely empty.

In the TikTok video, which has now garnered more than a thousand likes and close to 300 comments, viewers can clearly see that nearly the entire area of shelves where formula is typically stocked is bare, leaving the mom recording the video with almost no options.

"You have a full cart! Look at all this!" she said in shock to the woman who appeared to be stockpiling formula.

The mom who was recording was in complete disbelief.

"Look at the shelves," she said to the woman, pointing out how empty the shelves were. The woman responded defensively, saying, "But, I need it for my baby." To which the other woman replied, "You don't think I need it for my baby too?"

Instead of offering the other mom a few bottles, the hoarder proceeded to argue with the other mother. "You think I know you come and you get this one," the back and forth between the two women continued.
It was only a matter of time before stockpiling like this happened.

The formula shortage has become increasingly problematic since November 2021 because of supply chain issues, according to the Food and Drug Administration. It was further exacerbated when an Abbott Nutrition plant was shut down in February because of a recall, and by last week, data indicated that stock of popular formula brands is down by more than 40% in some places.

Stockpiling, though, only makes it harder for the majority of parents with formula-fed babies to get their hands on the food their babies need to survive and thrive.

This mom calmly confronted the perpetrator.

"This is the whole reason why there's a formula shortage. You've taken all the formula off the shelf and bought it all at once! There's kids who need formula today who won't be able to get it because you just bought it to stock up," she calmly explained to the other woman, who eventually walked off with all of the formula still in her cart.

Perhaps it's something that should not need to be said, but in the interest of all babies and toddlers who rely on formula for nutrition, everyone should be buying only what they need and will use before their store restocks.
Some commenters were shocked that the store isn't doing anything about this type of stockpiling.

A lot of stores across the country already have set limits on how many packages of formula a customer is allowed to purchase in a single transaction, so many commenters on TikTok were surprised to see the woman was allowed to do this.

"There should be a limit or lock it up like Walmart does. That's crazy," wrote one commenter. "She's probably going to sell it no baby at home. I'm buying?!"

"Why hasn’t Target put a limit on the amount one person can purchase," added someone else. "I was at a Walgreens's in Milwaukee and the formula was behind the counter."

Still, others don't blame the stockpiler.

Despite how bad it looks, some commenters were on the original woman's side.

"The shortage is because of all the recalls let's stop blaming parents for being smart and stocking up when it's available," commented one person.

One thing's for sure, though: A single customer buying nearly all of a store's formula stock can't be helping the issue.

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