Mom Of 3 Boys Sets Up 6 Gender Reveal Boxes, Hoping One Of Sextuplets Will Be A Girl

Miracles happen every day, and this one is almost too good to be true.

With three growing boys, Courtney and Eric Waldrop were hoping to have one more baby. This time, Courtney was hoping and praying for a girl. "I definitely am hoping there's a girl or two," she told Inside Edition.

The couple from Albertville, Alabama, suffered several devastating miscarriages, so they decided to turn their attention to a low dose of fertility treatments. They thought twins could be a possibility, but the chances were slim.

Nothing prepared Courtney, a first-grade teacher, for what happened next. Not only did Courtney get pregnant — and not only was she pregnant with multiples — but doctors looked at the ultrasound and discovered she was pregnant with sextuplets! That's right: six babies!

With six more children on the horizon all coming at once, the Waldrops used their faith to help them get through the incredibly high-risk pregnancy. According to, "Pregnancies involving so-called megamultiple fetuses usually means birth by caesarean section and time after in neonatal wards as the babies continue to develop. Mothers can face gestational diabetes, strokes and high blood pressure spikes, among other health problems."

The Solitude Baptist Church held a fundraiser for the family and organized a gender reveal party. In the video, six boxes are lined up on the table.

One by one, Courtney learns whether or not at least one of the babies in her belly is the daughter she's always dreamed of. We won't spoil it; the results are so freakin' cool.

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