Mom Of 2 And BBC Host Deborah James Reveals She's Entered Hospice After Cancer Came Back

Deborah James has revealed she ‘could have weeks to live at most’ in a heartbreaking final episode of her BBC podcast.

Deborah, 40, is now receiving hospice care at home for terminal bowel cancer.

During the last episode of BBC podcast You, Me & The Big C on Tuesday, she talked about her book and how long she expects to live.
She said of her publication: "It’s almost three quarters of the way there and one of my weekend emails that I have to now tie up.

"I’m wondering, will my book ever be published? I’m sure it will."

She continued: "The problem is is no one can give you a time estimate.

"I know I definitely don’t have months, the hospice assessed me yesterday and said it depends what my body does really, it could be weeks at most really but nobody, even doctors, they just don’t know because it just takes a few things and that’s it, or you might improve for a bit.
"I think it’s very unknown, isn’t it.’

Deborah was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer in 2016 and started her podcast in 2018.

She said: "It’s meant everything.

"Having cancer and meaning that I still have purpose in my life – because I suppose you think you have cancer and you think 'my life is over' – doing the podcast has given me purpose back because it’s made me realise the impact you can have on another person and saving another life or making somebody not feel alone.

"I feel utterly blessed to have had these opportunities because of my cancer, yes I would give my cancer up in a second just to have a normal life again, but to be able to do it and to feel like you’ve had an impact is kind of one of the best feelings you can have.

"I’ve never felt alone because of it."

She also urged her listeners in a final message: "Check your poo."

Over £2million has now been raised through her Bowelbabe Fund since she made her announcement about her health on Monday, with donations going to charities that have helped her throughout her illness.

Deborah also appeared on BBC breakfast on Wednesday morning and broke down in tears as she said her children will be '"fine" when she dies

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