Mom dies after getting trapped in bread machine: "My mom is the best mother a girl could have"

A North Carolina mother suffered a gruesome death after being trapped inside an industrial food mixer while at work. 44-year-old Virginia López Severiano became stuck inside the industrial machine on Tuesday morning, according to WTVD. Shortly after the accident, emergency personnel responded to the scene and freed López Severiano, an employee at Azteca Market in Selma.

"[Responders] basically took the machine apart in order to get the woman out...took a little over an hour," revealed the Selma Fire Department. She was then airlifted to the Duke University Hospital. After assessing her condition initially, doctors planned to perform an operation to save her arm. But tragically she passed away later that night due to her injuries. The incident is now being investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
According to WRAL, López Severiano had been cleaning the machine, which is used to make bread, when the incident happened. Fire officials who responded to the scene revealed that half of López Severiano's body was inside the machine. Following the shocking incident, Selma police took to social media and released a statement regarding López Severiano's accident and her subsequent death.

"The departments showed what it means to care for your community and fellow communities, they came together as one and after a very long and exhausting extraction, we're able to free the worker, and they were transported by helicopter to Duke University Hospital," read the post. Meanwhile, the woman's daughter, Miriam Amado-Lopez, confirmed her mother's death via a tribute post on Facebook.

"My mom is the best mother a girl could have. She taught me resilience, the importance of hard work, and she showed me what true love felt like. From a young age my mom did not have the easiest life. She started working at a young age to help support her family and eventually decided to travel hundreds of thousands of miles to try to give her family a better chance at a good life," read the touching piece.

"My mom was kind, funny, silly, hard-working, beautiful, a provider, a nurturer, and the backbone of our family. She always gave me everything that I needed when I was sick or made me breakfast whenever she was at home in the morning. I will miss that so much…" she continued. A GoFundMe page has been created to support López Severiano's family during this difficult time.

"...Asking you for donations that will go towards the Amado family, so they can use it as needed for the loss of Mrs. Lopez, who gained her wings today due to an accident at her workplace. She was a very loved person by the community," wrote organizer Gerardo Rodriguez.

Cover image source: GoFundMe | Donation to help the family of Virginia Lopez

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