MI Kindergartner Hospitalized After Neighbor's Pit Bulls Lunge Out Of Car And Maul Him

The family of a young Michigan boy is shocked at how quickly he fell victim to a pair of pit bulls.

Hunter Callender, 5, is recovering in the hospital after being attacked by the two dogs while in his grandmother's yard. The oldest of three kids, Hunter is used to keeping an eye on the younger kids and loves the outdoors.

It was while doing that in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, backyard that the neighbor's two dogs lunged out of a car and attacked him in a horrifying moment for everyone involved. Thankfully, Hunter's little sister, who was also outside with him, was uninjured in the attack.
"[Hunter] loves the outdoors. Loves pretty much being a boy, riding quads and just enjoying his time with his brother and sister," mom Ashley White told Fox 17.

"He's got two younger siblings."
Ashley and other family members weren't far from the yard when the attack occurred. She was horrified at how much it took to get her son free from the dogs.

"Took a good five people to get them off of him," she said.

"My other youngest, my daughter was out there. She went running inside to get grandma because she seen it happen immediately."
A third dog was running up on Hunter when a neighbor who was also there helping stopped him. All three dogs have since been euthanized. Their owner will face charges, according to authorities, but they did not disclose what those charges would be.
Hunter was taken to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. Doctors there say that no major arteries were damaged in the attack. Still, Hunter obtained many injuries to his face and has undergone two surgeries. He will need, at minimum, another four.
A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family of five with the many expenses related to Hunter's care that are quickly amassing. Thus far, it has raised over $20,000.

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