Mcdonald’s Workers Celebrate Serving 141 Cars Via Drive-Thru In 1 Hour, Sparking Debate

In a viral TikTok video, McDonald’s staff members celebrate serving 141 cars via drive-thru, sparking debate about fair wages. A popular TikTok account known to share McDonald’s-related content, Funks McDonalds (@funksmcdonalds), posted the video on May 1.

“Celebrating 141 cars in one hour,” the overlay text reads. In the video, a mostly Hispanic staff cheer after serving more than 100 cars. The TikTok has gained more than 405,000 views and 1,000 comments as of publishing.

Many viewers praised the staff for being efficient and for their teamwork.

“That’s actually insane. That’s almost 2 every minute. The fact u got that many customers and that efficient is amazing,” a top comment with more than 10,000 likes read.

However, other viewers argued the TikTok was not meant to be celebratory, but a critique of food service workers not getting paid enough.

“All that for 10$,” one viewer responded.

“Now properly compensate them,” another user wrote.

“Made the company thousands just for them to be paid 7.25 what a joke,” another viewer commented.

According to an Insider article published April 22, nearly one-quarter of McDonald’s workers make less than $10 an hour. This makes McDonald’s employees some of the lowest-earning workers in the fast-food industry.

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