Man Says Uber Driver Dumped His Stuff Out Of Her Car For Taking Too Long Inside

A TikTok showing an Uber driver throwing a customer’s items out of the car and driving away has gone viral — but not many users have much sympathy for the customer.

The TikTok, which has over 100,000 views, shows footage of a woman removing multiple bags and suitcases from her car before leaving, with on-screen text added by the user, @kariuuki, reading, “My Uber driver broke my camera and computer for taking too long inside. Look how she violated me.”

Although a small number of users sympathized with the TikToker, the majority took the Uber driver’s side in the comment section. “Why would you take so long?” one user asked. “She got other pick ups to do to make money.”

Several other commenters said the user was wasting the driver’s time, with one commenter saying, “They are not your private driver. Why are you taking so long with your shit in their car?” Another added, “Have respect for people’s time. Good for her.”

In response to the criticism, the TikToker made a second video, highlighting a comment that read, “[The user] loaded their bags to make sure they wait and just expected them to be okay with it. They don’t get paid extra for waiting and a tip isn’t expected.”

“She was taking me to the airport,” the user explained in their follow-up. “I was on time, I got in the car, packed my shit, and we left. She asked me if I had everything, and then I realized I actually didn’t have my ID on me.”

According to the user, the driver encouraged them to run back inside and get their ID since they were only a couple of hours away, adding that “it probably took me about like a minute, a minute and a half.”

He continues, “I come back outside, all my shits in the middle of the street, and a fucking car is running over my camera. Like right there. She’s throwing out my bag of hard drives that has every video I’ve ever shot in my entire life.”

He claims that as a result of this, his hard drive isn’t working and his iMac got cracked. “I’m just like, bro, my camera’s got fucking ran over,” he said. “For what?”

Some of the commenters claiming to be Uber drivers gave their perspectives too — but not all of them agreed. “We get paid like 20 cents a minute to wait so yeah, we’re not waiting,” one commenter wrote. “Next time, make sure you’re ready ready because time is money! It’s your car, her loss.” Meanwhile, another commenter took the opposite approach, saying, “Uber driver here. Report it. She is literally getting paid to sit there and wait for you. These kinds of drivers make all of us look bad.”

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