‘Freedom Of Speech Goes Both Ways’: Man Ruins Anti-choice Protest With One Sign

A viral TikTok posted last month sparked controversy after showing a group of anti-choice protesters being driven away by a man holding a sign saying, “These people are losers.”

The video was posted by The Good Liars (@thegoodliars), a comedy duo with over 1.5 million followers on TikTok composed of Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler. The duo is known for making satirical signs and videos approaching groups of religious and right-wing protesters.

In the video titled “How to Ruin a Protest,” which now has over 10 million views, Stiefler is filmed going up to a group of anti-choice protesters outside of a Planned Parenthood location.

Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization providing reproductive healthcare at roughly 600 centers across the United States, according to its website. Despite offering numerous healthcare services, including low cost contraception and STD treatment, anti-choice protests often target Planned Parenthood centers for offering abortion procedures.

In the viral TikTok, Stiefler is seen approaching a group of protesters holding signs saying “Planned Parenthood Kills Babies,” “Pray to End Abortion,” and “Life Counts.” Stiefler then holds up a sign saying “These People Are Losers” with an arrow pointing to the group. After he holds up his sign, the group leaves.

“It’s unfortunate that one sign can ruin a protest,” the man says in the video.

“Protesters waving anti-abortion signs outside of Planned Parenthood to harass people have one weakness. Signs,” the Good Liars captioned the video.

Users in the comment section praised the Good Liars for driving away the anti-choice protesters.

“Your sign won,” one user praised.

“Freedom of speech goes both ways,” another commented.

Others in the comments section took shots at the protesters.

“The fact that they left because of your sign shows they care more about their own self image than what they’re actually protesting for,” one user criticized.

One user said they were a Planned Parenthood employee, and thanked the Good Liars for confronting the anti-choice protesters.

“I love this! As a Planned Parenthood employee, I am not allowed to even acknowledge protesters. I love seeing other people do it for us!” the user commented.

A few weeks after the viral TikTok was posted, a Supreme Court draft opinion was leaked by Politico revealing that the court is prepared to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision providing U.S. citizens with the right to an abortion.

Despite abortion still being legal across the country, many states like Texas and Oklahoma have passed restrictions making it more difficult access abortion healthcare. To learn more about your options locally, you can contact your nearest Planned Parenthood health center or locate an abortion provider at AbortionFinder.org.

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