Law Student Reveals How Much She Earns A Day In Tips Working At Hooters

A law student has revealed to her followers how much she makes in a day working as a server at Hooters.

Leah Fennelly (@leah_fennelly), 23, has amassed a whopping 121,000+ followers on TikTok thanks to her posts showcasing her life as a server at the popular American restaurant chain.

Now, Fennelly has stunned her followers after revealing how much she makes in tips on a random 12:00-8:00PM shift on a random Thursday at the Florida branch where she works.

The post has since amassed over 10.3 million views, with many TikTok users being left stunned by how much a Hooters server can earn in a single day in gratuity.

Check out Fennelly's video below:

"First three tips of the morning; we have $3 cash and some change, we have $7 cash and some change, and then we have $8 cash in some change," she says after the first three tables.

She then reveals that the next three tables tipped her $6, $14, and $23 in cash respectively.

Fennelly then shared several tips from debit card transactions. Some were fairly low, with some $4 and $5 tips included, but then she revealed that one guy - who asked for her phone number - tipped her $31. On top of that, another table tipped her a whopping $50.

A further two tips clocked in at $27, before Fennelly says that she was serving a hall of fame pitcher. However, although she had no idea who the pitcher was, they only ended up tipping $7. Another table then tipped a further $10. (Are you keeping up so far?)

Totaling up her tips from the rest of the evening, Leah adds a further $38, $10, $5, $5, $12, $7, and $5 in individual tips.

Leah then explained that she didn't total the tips up that evening because she had to rush home to write a paper for her course, but after adding up her tips, she revealed she made $282 and then a further $100 via CashApp from one customer.

Yes, a total of $382 in tips!

In response to the video, people flooded the comments section with their reactions.

"That’s it I’m applying," wrote one TikToker.

"I'm an engineer and this girl makes more than me lol, I'm never tipping again," joked another.

A third revealed: "I’m a nurse and you make more than a starting nurse in a 12-hour shift."

Answering a question that several people asked, Leah revealed in a follow-up video that - at the restaurant where she works - the servers keep all of their tips but then tip out the bartender 1% at the end of the night. She added that this is not the case for all Hooters restaurants though.

Additionally, she says that all tips from debit payments are cashed out by her manager at the end of her shift.

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