Kim Kardashian Mocked For Saying Vegan Burger Is Delicious Despite Not Eating It

Kim Kardashian is being skewered by fans who think she's only pretending to eat the food in her latest ad campaign.

The 41-year-old beauty mogul and reality TV star's latest venture is a partnership with vegan food brand Beyond Meat, who she's teamed up with as their chief taste consultant.

In a video clip released across social media, she can be seen sampling various Beyond products while chatting about her new role.

However, many fans think that the meat isn't the only thing that's fake in the advert, in which they claim Kim is only pretending to bite into the food.

The promotional video shows Skims founder Kim standing in a bright white kitchen and being presented with various delicious-looking plates of Beyond products.

"I believe so much in the mission of Beyond Meat that I’ve stepped in to help with my greatest asset – my taste," the mom-of-four jokes as she samples each item.

"This plant-based meat is not only amazingly delicious, but it’s also better for you and better for the planet," Kim adds.

Although she spends much of the video appearing to chew and enjoy the Beyond products, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the first item she bites into - a Beyond burger - is cut in half in a perfectly straight line. There's not a bite mark to be seen as Kim throws her head back and chews loudly, making sounds of enjoyment.

Meanwhile, the later dishes she'd brought appear similarly untouched, and the video never shows the moment when Kim actually puts an item of food into her mouth, even as she fist bumps the chefs and makes eating noises.

"Kim Kardashian fake-chewing a beyond meat burger that has no bite taken out of it is making me spiral," one person tweeted, while another wrote: "The burger Kim is 'chewing' doesn't even have a bite taken out of it. And she fake-chews throughout the video...LOL."

"Not Kim chewing on her tongue the whole time LMFAOOOOOO," joked a third, while a fourth added: "Love the unbitten food she 'chewing'.. lmfao girl. At least make it believable."

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