Johnny Depp Laughs As Amber Heard Says His Breath Stunk Of Weed And Alcohol

Johnny Depp was seen laughing in court as Amber Heard gave testimony claiming his breath had smelled of weed and alcohol on board a flight to Los Angeles.

The Aquaman star was asked about the flight as she began her second day of testimony in the ongoing defamation lawsuit brought against her by Depp, who accused his ex-wife of implying in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed that he had abused her.

Heard, who had boarded the plane in New York, told the court she remembered waiting on the tarmac for a long time after it landed in Boston to pick up Depp, who was parked in an SUV nearby.

When Depp got on to the plane, Heard claimed he reeked of weed and alcohol and began asking her questions and asking if she had something to tell him.

She testified: "We take off and at some point he's asking me what's wrong with me, do I have something to tell him... I already know that he's drunk, I already know he's using.

"He reeks of weed and alcohol, I mean his breath smelled so bad and I could anticipate that there was a no-win situation here."

Depp was looking down as Heard delivered her testimony, but after making the comment about his breath the Pirates of the Caribbean star could be seen cracking a smile and exhaling with laughter.

Heard went on to claim a lot of her involvement in arguments between herself and Depp was her 'trying to diffuse', before she was interrupted with an objection from a lawyer.
Johnny Depp could be seen laughing as Heard talked about his breath. Credit: Law and Crime Network
Heard said she tried not to engage with Depp on the flight and kept her answers to a minimum, at which point Depp allegedly moved on to ask her if she enjoyed kissing James Franco, who she was working with at the time, and if he had 'slipped her the tongue'.

The actor had described her time working on the film, The Adderall Diaries, as a 'nightmare' because Depp allegedly hated Franco.

In the wake of Depp's alleged questioning, Heard said she moved seats multiple times on the plane and that Depp would throw ice cubes and utensils at her.

She claimed he taunted her and slapped her in front of his friend, and that when she moved again he kicked a swivel chair that hit her in the hip.

No one else on the flight did anything, Heard told the court, and she said she didn’t know what to do about the situation other than sit and look out of the window.

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