Judge Tells Depp And Heard How Much Time They Have Left To Make Their Cases

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been informed by the judge of the court how much time they have left to make their cases.

For those unaware, Depp, 58, is suing ex-wife Heard, 35, in a $50 million (£38.2 million) defamation lawsuit over abuse claims she made in a 2018 article in The Washington Post, despite not mentioning Depp by name in the op-ed.

Today (6 May) Judge Penney Azcarate 'informed each side of the time they've used and how much they have left'.

Cathy Russon, an Executive Producer at Law&Crime, a network where the trial is being broadcast, tweeted: "This is NOT a thing that happens in state court/criminal court."

Russon reports that 'Depp: used 35 hrs 6 mins' and 'has 26 hrs 9 min left'.

While 'Heard used 36 hrs 31 mins and 'has 24 hrs 44 mins left'.

Yesterday (5 May) Heard burst into tears after describing how Johnny Depp had allegedly violated her with a bottle.

The actress claimed that during a violent argument at a property in Australia in March 2015, Depp had held her by the throat while smashing glass bottles around.

She told jurors that following a struggle they had ended up on a countertop.

“I felt this pressure, I thought he was punching me. I saw his arm. I could feel his arm and it looked like he was punching me,” she said.

“I felt pain and pressure on my pubic bone.

“I don’t remember what I said, I just remember being really still … looking around the room, all the broken bottles, broken glass.”

She clarified: “I was heartbroken (but)…the discomfort I was feeling afterwards paled in comparison with how scared and shocked I was.”

The actress said Mr Depp had also broken a phone at the property 'into smithereens', ripped her nightgown off, and screamed at her repeatedly that he would 'f****** kill' her.

Jurors heard that the morning after the alleged incident Ms Heard had discovered 'incoherent' messages written in navy blue and brown paint, and food smeared on the walls of the property.

She added that pieces of raw meat wrapped in a silk gown she owned had been hidden in various locations around the property.

The actor concluded: “It was bizarre. I was worried we couldn’t come back from what had happened…that there was no way we could turn it around."

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