Jennifer Garner & kids spend time with Jennifer Lopez's Daughter, Emme

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Garner are continuing to blend their families in what seems like the most natural, sweetest way possible. While we've spotted J.Lo and Ben out with both his kids and hers in the past, Ben's ex-wife recently got in on the action when they all attended an event at the kids' school.

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Just weeks after Ben and Jen's engagement was announced, Jennifer was seen hanging out with J.Lo's 14-year-old daughter, Emme, while on the school grounds on Sunday, May 1, 2022. All three of Ben and Jen G's children—Violet, 16; Seraphina, 13; and Sam, 10—were also at the event, though Emme's twin, Max, was evidently not there.
It looked like all love and support.

Jen G was spotted walking around the school grounds with Emme and her three children, everyone looking carefree and happy. Meanwhile, Ben and J.Lo were seen walking hand-in-hand, as per usual.
The kids look like they're close.

All of the kids looked super comfortable with each other at the event, with Ben and Jen's oldest daughter, Violet, even wrapping her arm around Emme at one point. Having three girls so close in age must be pretty fun for them.
The soon-to-be blended family also spent Halloween together.

The last time Jen Garner was seen in the vicinity of J.Lo and her kids was while both families were out trick-or-treating on Halloween. She tends to keep very quiet about her personal life, and she doesn't comment much on Ben and J.Lo's relationship.
Jennifer Garner is 'happy' for Ben.

Even though Jen keeps it quiet when it comes to Ben and J.Lo's relationship, she is reportedly "happy for Ben" and thinks J.Lo has "been a positive influence" on him. She seems like the type of person who just wants the best for everyone.
Ben and J.Lo love spending quality time with all of the kids.

It's not as common to see Jen Garner out hanging with the crew, but in the past year or so, Ben and J.Lo have been seen spending quality time with various combinations of the five kids they have between them. Most often, they're out shopping, at restaurants, and even at amusement parks.
They're working on becoming a happy, blended family.

Whether the wedding happens a few months from now or a few years from now, it's obvious Ben and J.Lo want to make the transition into being a blended family as smooth, happy, and peaceful for their kids as possible. We love seeing how much grace they handle it all with.

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