‘I’m not a f*cking dietician’: Barista calls out customer who asked for keto coffee options

It’s not enough to memorize all the drinks you have to make at coffee shops. You apparently need to know all the latest diets too. A TikTok creator and barista took to the platform to call out a customer who didn’t even seem to understand their own diet, that they reportedly wanted the worker to accommodate.

@SugarPaws1’s video has garnered almost 100,000 views since it was posted on April 11. They recounted what happened when a customer came in asking for ketogenic coffee options.

“I never understand how people don’t know how to fucking order,” @sugarpaws1 explains. “So this lady comes in and is like, ‘what do you have that’s keto that’s not like black coffee?'”

“I’m not a fucking dietician, right? How would I know that?” the creator says. “So I’m like, ‘that’s a pretty specific diet so you’re going to just have to tell me what you’d like.”

According to WebMD, the ketogenic diet is a low-carb lifestyle. The goal of the keto diet is to attain ketosis, which is when the body burns stored fat and protein for energy rather than carbohydrate-derived glucose, which can lead to weight loss. The ketogenic diet is also used by people with epilepsy to assist with symptom management.

@sugarpaws1 suggested some additions to the coffee that comply with the ketogenic diet, like heavy cream or sugar-free vanilla syrup, but claim the customer was unsatisfied with the answer.

“Then this bitch has the audacity to fucking look at me and say, ‘so I have to tell you what I want?'”

“You’d have to tell me what you want anyways,” @sugarpaws1 adds.

People in the comments had the creator’s back.

“People will stand in line for 10+ minutes staring at the menu and come up and say what do you have here,” one user wrote.

“Why do ppl on diets always assume everyone’s wrapped up in diet culture too,” another person adds.

The creator goes on to explain that the person ended up ordering a drink that was definitely not keto anyways.

“It’s always the keto people. I work in a bakery and hear it a lot,” a commenter says.

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