Tiktoker Put In Her Two Weeks Notice—But Says Her Boss Didn’t Accept It Because She’s Leaving To Be A Full-time Mom

A TikToker went viral this week after claiming her boss didn’t accept the “hard stop date” of her two weeks notice because she’s leaving her job to be a full-time mom.

In the video, which has inspired two follow-ups, user Rachel (@rachonlife) lays out the whole story, including the reaction of HR and what she plans to do to rectify the situation.

Rachel’s first video currently has over 3.5 million views.

In the first video, Rachel lays out exactly what she says happened. After deciding to leave her work-from-home full-time job of almost five years to take care of her “monster child,” she informed her company of her last day of work.

Apparently, this did not sit well with the company.

“When I put in my two weeks… [my boss] said, ‘It’s not like you’re stopping for, like, a job or anything, so you don’t actually have a hard stop date,’” Rachel claims.

As Rachel points out, her email informing her employer of her hard stop date was not a question, but a statement. However, Rachel’s boss seemed to be under the impression that the topic was up for debate.

“Guess I didn’t quit?” Rachel states at the video’s end, confused.

In a second video, Rachel clarifies that, while she has problems with her company, her boss is “a wonderful manager.” That said, she is still holding firm on her end date.

She also says that the company is now discussing a part-time position for her or asking her to engage in contract work, the latter of which she says she is considering.

Her latest update suggests conversations have not moved further from that point as of yet, though discussions are ongoing.

In comments, users encouraged Rachel to be firm, with some suggesting she go even further.

“Simply respond: respectfully, my last day remains x. Thank you!” one viewer offered.

“’Thank you for clarifying that there is no hard stop date. Given this new information, my last day will be today,’” another contributed.

“You should have given her a to-day notice after that, I’m quitting TODAY,” a third agreed. To this, Rachel responded, “That’s what my husband said.”

While Rachel entertained these statements, she later noted in comments that she understands the boss’ position.

“My boss is being super understanding, she’s just really hoping I can find bandwidth to help transition,” Rachel wrote. “I get where she’s coming from, and I do love what I do, I’m just not able to work full time. It’s going to be a hard transition since I have so much experience.”

Many commenters also took care to remind her that she should not feel guilty about leaving her work to be a full-time mom.

“You are quitting for another job.. being a mom is a job,” explained a commenter. “Its okay to step back for a bit until you find a opportunity that fits your life if any at all.”

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