Family Convinced Mom Sent Emotional Message To Them As They Spread Her Ashes

We all wish there was a way to communicate with loved ones who have passed away. But one family is convinced that they've managed to receive a message from their mom after she died.

Not only that - but they also believe that they captured the moment in a TikTok.

Daughter Kim Vincent (who uses the handle @girlygirl607) took to the social media platform to share the haunting but heartfelt message with her followers - but not everyone is convinced.

In the clip, Kim and her family can be seen honoring her mom's final wish - to be taken back to the pond where she grew up.

Check out the emotional moment below:

"My [mom's] wish was to spread some of her ashes in the pond where she grew up," the TikToker explained in a follow-up video.

But as they lay their beloved mom to rest by scattering her ashes in the water, Kim and her family noticed that mysterious shapes were emerging on the surface of the pond. As the ashes were grouped together, they seemed to spell out a four-letter word.

"Look," cried someone behind the camera. "She’s saying something! 'Love'! 'L-O-V-E'!"

Kim and her family were ecstatic when they saw what they believed was their mom's final message. "She told us she LOVE us! Wow," Kim captioned the video.

Meanwhile, they weren't the only ones who saw the word floating in the water. Thousands took to the comments section saying that they saw the word too and express their condolences for Kim's family.

"At first I saw 'I [heart] U,' but afterward, 'love' appeared. That’s awesome," wrote one user, while another commented that they saw "LOVE as clear as day," and a third agreed Kim's mom was "still letting you know that she loves you."

"This gave me chills. Beautiful," a fourth user added.

However, some people weren't convinced that the ashes had arranged themselves into the word 'love'. They argued that the only reason the letters had appeared at all was the way they were thrown into the pond.

"It don’t say nothing," one user commented, while another wrote: "It's legit just the way they threw it in," and a third agreed: "She didn't say love it's just his pouring skills."

Regardless of what people may think, nobody can deny that this was an incredible moment for the family to capture on camera.

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