Dying Dad Thinks He’s Giving 1 Bride Away But All 7 Daughters Plan To Wear Wedding Dresses

After Willie Shelton was diagnosed with terminal cancer, his greatest wish in life remained the same as it always had been: to walk all seven of his daughters down the aisle.

Sadly, with the US Army veteran's health declining, he and his family knew the chances of him getting to do so were slim to none.

But that didn't stop the Shelton family from putting a secret plan in place.

In three days, Willie's wife Cheryl and their seven daughters teamed up with LifeCare Hospice, David's Bridal, a local hair salon, and a professional photographer to create an experience Willie would never forget.

Willie was under the impression he was giving only his daughter Emily away. She was the only married daughter, but she told Willie she was renewing her vows — and wanted her beloved dad to be there right beside her.

Willie thought his six other daughters would be serving as Emily's bridesmaids. So you can imagine his surprise when — during their backyard ceremony — each of his daughters emerged from their house in a wedding gown. One by one, Willie watched each daughter gather around him in a beautiful white gown. At first, he was confused… then reality hit.

Willie was helped out of his wheelchair so he could stand with all seven of his girls and fulfill his life's wish.

Less than two weeks later, Willie died.

Now Willie's town of Millersburg, Ohio, has come up with an amazing way to honor the Iraq veteran and loving family man.

Footage provided by WJW Cleveland

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