Dad Is Praised Online For Buying Birth Control For His Teenage Daughters

A father has gone viral on TikTok for buying and gifting birth control to his teenage daughters.

Taking to the social media platform, TikTok user Emma Murphy (@emma.m04) posted a video of her dad and her sister with the caption: "Easily one of the most embarrassing moments of life #fyp #girldad".

Per BuzzFeed, the dad from the video is a man named J.J. Murphy, and his daughters are Emma and Ryan.

In the video, Murphy says, "To my two teenage daughters, this is my first receipt of birth control for you two. And, apparently, there's a difference in what the doctors think sexual activity from a 17- and an 18-year-old [look like]."

At first, he pulls one pack of birth control out of the bag and gives it to one of his daughters, saying, "So, here's your birth control. Good luck, I wish you well."

And when it is his other daughter's turn, the dad whips out a large plastic bag of birth control and jokingly says, "And, hello, do you guys wanna tell dad something?"

The TikTok video garnered a lot of attention from users on the platform. The video has been viewed over 12.7 million times and has 2.1 million likes.

Many people commented on the video with admiration for Emma's dad.

One user wrote: "Can we take a moment how important this is! I appreciate this, my father didn’t even like getting tampons for me."

Another commented: "Can we all applaud this super supportive dad!! More girls need this!!!"

A third applauded him and said: "you are both SO lucky to have this man as your dad."

Emma spoke to Buzzfeed after the video went viral to explain how the conversation about birth control with her dad started: "I wanted my body to have time to get used to the side effects. I told him that we might as well put Ryan on it at the same time. It was a mutual agreement for the most part, and my dad gave us his support."

Emma and Ryan are just two of Murphy's children. He stated that the most important part of being a father is to "establish a trusting relationship" with his daughters.

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