Former Crumbl Cookies Employee Says She Quit Because Company Doesn’t ‘Value Employees’

A former Crumbl employee is putting the cookie company on blast in a series of TikToks explaining why she quit her position at the store. She said she experienced “massive” employee turnover and unclear directions from her superiors and received disciplinary points against her because of scheduling errors and after she was hospitalized.

In an eight-part TikTok series posted on Wednesday, Alyssa Lindsey (@carelyss) says she was incorrectly scheduled multiple times and penalized for not showing up to hours that she wasn’t originally scheduled for. She also says she was penalized for not being able to come to work when hospitalized (even though she says she had a doctor’s note) and trained a manager even though she wasn’t a manager herself. She says she then quit.

“I was promised a raise and a promotion and never got one, and I trained people who took that promotion from me. My hours are fucked. You treat your employees like shit, you don’t value your employees. There’s no communication, the management here sucks,” Lindsey says she told a superior of hers. “And there’s so much more.”

All of Lindsey’s videos in the series about Crumbl went viral, with her first one receiving almost 1.5 million views by Thursday.

Many commenters on Lindsey’s most viral video were baffled, and some even related to her experience.

“Imagine a company having a point system for a bunch of teenagers baking cookies,” @ashlynblaxton commented. “The audacity.”

“Working at Crumbl was so bad bro,” @alicemancillaa wrote.

“I got a story just like this,” @caiteepaigee commented.

A former co-worker of Lindsey’s, @solistices, who also quit, also posted TikToks about her time at Crumbl. In her videos, she says she was “never trained,” witnessed interactions between employees that she was uncomfortable with, and heard offensive jokes about race that she felt were in “poor taste.”

In an Instagram direct message to the Daily Dot, Lindsey said that while Crumbl has not reached out to her directly, the company’s TikTok account commented on one of her videos asking her to get in touch.

“This is absolutely not what we want bakers to experience,” Crumbl commented.

Lindsey also told the Daily Dot that during her time at Crumbl, two managers quit, one was fired, another co-worker quit, and another co-worker of hers left for “scheduling errors.”

“There are plenty more but the turnover rate is so high it’s hard to keep track,” Lindsey said. “Some people only work there for a few weeks.”

Lindsey also stressed that she can only speak to her personal experience and that she doesn’t take issue with Crumbl “as a whole.”

“I’m sure there are plenty of Crumbl’s that have a positive work place!” Lindsey said.

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