Couple offer first dance to grandparents who never got to dance on their wedding day in 1957

Elaine and Morty Graff never got to have their first dance when they got married in 1957. They had suffered a recent death in the family in the run-up to the wedding and, according to Jewish traditions, that meant they couldn't have any music or dancing at the wedding. As a result, Elaine and Morty Graff never had their first dance. But recently, almost 65 years later, their grandson graciously offered the dance floor at his wedding to his grandparents so they could have the first dance they desired all those years back. It was an emotional moment for the couple and the family. “As little dancing as I do, I wanted to dance with my bride,” said Morty, while Elaine joked, “Morty isn't a dancer, to begin with, so,” Elaine told Inside Edition.
Elaine and Morty didn't know about the dance, and their grandson, Zachary Graff, surprised them on the day. The video showed the bride and groom walking to the center of the dance floor before Zachary Graff took the mic. People were confused but Graff stood alongside his bride, Samantha, and called his grandparents, asking them to take center stage. “Grammy and grandpa, come to the dance floor,” announced Graff. “You're gonna have your first dance with the song that you wanted.” The elderly couple was shocked and touched by the grand gesture from their grandson and his wife. Everyone in the room started applauding the gesture and cheering for the elderly couple.

Elaine and Morty Graff hugged the bride and groom before Zachary Graff and Samantha vacated the floor, leaving them to enjoy their moment. The song "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing" started playing on the speaker as Elaine and Morty Graff took to the dance floor. The song is from the movie of the same name that was released in 1955. Elaine Graff sang the words as she stared into her husband's eyes. Everyone present at the party got emotional watching them getting their first dance. Many could be seen dabbing away their tears in the background as the couple danced like they were alone and only had eyes for each other.

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