Cops Hear Dog Barking In The Cornfields And Follow Them To Find Missing 3-Year-Old Girl

It only took seconds for Timberlyn Merritt's 3-year-old daughter to go missing. The Missouri mom turned her back as little Remy wandered off their front yard.

Timberlyn went into a state of sheer panic. Not only was it nighttime, but the Merritt family lived adjacent to a massive and dense cornfield.

She called 911 to report her missing daughter before running into the cornfields, screaming Remy's name at the top of her lungs.

Everyone in the small farming community joined in the search to find her. Nearly 150 volunteers and public safety officers, a search-and-rescue helicopter, infrared radar, and police canines searched desperately through the night... but to no avail.

The search resumed at dawn — and 12 hours after Remy disappeared, one of the K-9s let out a bark.

That's when, hidden among the 5-foot-high corn stalks about half a mile away from Remy's home, a weaker bark was returned...

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