Amazing Moment 'Hero' Mom Saves Pet Goose While Breastfeeding Her Baby

A home surveillance video captured a heroic mom racing out of the house to rescue her pet goose from an attacking eagle - all while she was breastfeeding her baby.
credit: Viktoria F / Alamy.
Dedicated pet owner and mom Cait Oakley posted the amazing moment on her TikTok page @frankythegoose - which is dedicated to her pet goose named Frankie.

The post was shared with her 21.3K followers and has since been viewed over 10.7 million times and has amassed more than 830,000 likes.

Per the video's caption, the mother of three reveals she had "lost three chickens in the last week." She initially thought the culprit was a hawk until she witnessed her pet goose being struck by a bald eagle as she was breastfeeding her baby, wearing just her underwear at the time.

Check out the moment below:

Social media users reacted to the video and quickly flooded the comment section with praise.

One user commented on her fight-or-flight response: "Babe I’m in love with the fact that you ran out in your birthday suit almost [you're] a great mama."

Another joked that they didn't see the baby in her arms: "I had to watch several times and read the caption to see that you were carrying the baby and not a pink water gun lol. Great job!"

A third praised the goose for alerting the mom about the eagle: "The way she was calling for you at the door, smart goose."

Others joked how "not all heroes wear capes" - or much at all in this instance!

Speaking to CHEK News, Oakley said she's enjoying the reactions to her video: "People are just loving Frankie so much, and I’m just having so much fun with it it’s hilarious."

"I think it’s just such a chaotic unusual thing to see, I mean it’s definitely not something you see every day," she joked. "The reaction has been so funny, the comments have me howling, people are saying she now deserves to live inside our house."

Reflecting on the wild goose chase and being shirtless, Oakley explained: "I was in the middle of feeding her, so that’s why I didn’t have a shirt on and was kind of getting ready for the evening."

"I just ran outside and when Mike [her husband] came out he was like, 'you’re topless.'" she exclaimed. "And I’m like yeah, no, I’m very aware. Sorry neighbors."

CBC reported that Frankie came away from the attack unharmed: "She’s totally fine, super sassy, as always."

Reminiscing at the moment, Oakley said that she was not too surprised by the incident. "As a mom of three I’m always breastfeeding and it’s so natural, that’s mom life summed up, something is always going on when I’m feeding her and I’m always on the go."

Well done to this Super Mom!

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