Breastfeeding Mom Runs Out Of House In Just Her Underwear To Save Pet Goose From Eagle

Moms can truly do anything, even if anything is going on a wild goose chase while breastfeeding.
A Canadian woman has gone viral for the hilarious video captured by her home security system of her reaction when a bald eagle tried to fly off with her pet goose in tow. Cait Oakley was just inside breastfeeding her baby when her pet Sebastopol goose named Frankie started frantically honking at the door. Cait then saw the eagle fly down and swoop up Frankie.

She reacted as any mom would and went into total protection mode. In the video, she can be heard yelling at the bird before she runs outside in just her underwear while breastfeeding her child to chase off the eagle.

The eagle quickly dropped Frankie, who ran past Cait back to the door, clearly startled. Cait's husband was surprised at what he walked into when he came to investigate all the noise.

In her TikTok caption, Cait explains that they had already lost three chickens that week. She believed hawks were responsible until she saw the eagle, which other neighbors had mentioned but she had yet to see herself.

Ironically, the family had gotten Frankie to protect the chickens. While the goose was able to alert the family to the attacks, she wasn't able to deter them. Now Cait understands why.
@frankythegoose We have lost 3 chickens in the last week from what I was told was eagles which I believed hawks were preying on them but watch Frankie (our female goose) get taken. Mama bear mid breast feeding protecting her sweet Frankie. Officially living at a zoo 🦅 #nature #geese #eagle #eagleattack #yyj #victoriabc #eagles #mamabear #geeseofinstagram #eaglesofinstagram #canadasnature #naturechannel ♬ original sound - Mikey

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