Bill Burr Says Amber Heard Fans Need To Apologize If He Wins Defamation Lawsuit

Bill Burr has hit out at Amber Heard's supporters.

The Aquaman star is currently embroiled in a $50 million defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, who claims she wrecked his reputation by alleging to be a victim of domestic abuse in a 2018 op-ed for The Washington Post.

Heard, meanwhile, is counter-suing her former partner for $100 million, citing multiple occasions when he supposedly assaulted her during their volatile relationship. Depp in turn has argued that it was him and not his ex-wife who was the real victim in their marriage.

As the celebrity exes battle it out in the courtroom, fans on both sides have been vocal in pledging their support to either team Depp or team Heard. Comedian Bill Burr has made it clear who he supports, defending Depp on the latest episode of his Monday Morning Podcast.

"I’m too big a Johnny Depp fan to watch [the trial]. I love that guy and I just — I don’t want to hear all these personal details and s***," Burr said, adding that even though he isn't following the case closely: "From what I’ve seen the guy is f***ing destroying."

Burr went on to say that he believes Depp will be owed a public apology if the jury rules in his favor. Following the publication of Heard's op-ed, the star was dropped from several big-budget franchises including Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts and has been boycotted from much of Hollywood.

"What’s great about this, is if he really does expose this woman for lying, I’m wondering if all these people that, you know, just accepted her lies about him, if they’re going to apologize somehow," Burr said.

He went on to say that - given how many of Heard's supporters have "publicly trashed" Depp - "it’d be nice if they publicly apologized and said, 'Maybe next time we won’t jump to conclusions.'"

One person who has already apologized for their comments about the trial is Drew Barrymore.

The chat show host took to Instagram to say sorry to fans for making light of the trial, which she called "a seven-layer-drip of insanity."

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