Heard's Lawyer Plays Video Of 'Monster In The Flesh' To Jury During Closing Argument

Amber Heard's lawyers have made their closing arguments in the defamation trial against Johnny Depp.
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The 58-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star is during 36-year-old Heard for $50 million after she referred to herself as a "public figure representing domestic abuse" in an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post back in 2018.

Heard's article was titled: "I spoke up against sexual violence—and faced our culture's wrath. That has to change."

Although Depp was not mentioned by name in the op-ed, his lawyers claim it was about him and subsequently resulted in him losing work. Depp has repeatedly denied the allegations that he was physically violent toward his ex-wife.

Heard is countersuing for $100 million - claiming she was only ever violent against Depp in self-defense or in defense of her younger sister, per NBC News, and for comments made by Adam Waldman, Depp's former lawyer.

As the trial draws to an end, legal representatives for both sides have delivered closing arguments to the jury in the Fairfax, Virginia, courtroom on Friday.

Speaking on behalf of Ms. Heard, attorney Ben Rottenborn told the jury that the Aquaman star had been a victim of a "smear campaign".

Rottenborn plays video of "monster" Depp to jury:

"In Mr. Depp's world, you don't leave Mr. Depp," he said. "And if you do, he will start a campaign of global humiliation against you. A smear campaign that lasts until this very day."

Prior to playing a home video showing Depp slamming cupboards and cursing, Rottenborn said: "Let's see the monster. Let's see the monster in the flesh."

The lawyer then asked the jury to "stand up for freedom of speech" and "stand up for the First Amendment", as he claimed that anything lost by Depp was "the result of his own choices"

"This trial is about so much more than Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard," Rottenborn said.

"He's going after Amber for nothing, because he wants to put her though this again, the third time. So we're fighting back and that's the counterclaim. She finally has said enough. We're asking you to finally hold this man responsible."

Arguing for Depp was attorney Camille Vasquez, who requested that the jury "hold Ms. Heard accountable for her lies".

"Ms. Heard's council has mischaracterized the record multiple times, and Ms. Heard has lied to you," she said.

The jury is now deliberating to reach a verdict in the case.

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