Amber Heard's Former Nurse Testifies About Photos The Actor Sent To Her

Amber Heard's former personal nurse Erin Falati has testified during Johnny Depp's defamation case against his ex-wife.

Screenshots of texts sent by Heard to Falati were revealed to the court that show the actor with a red, splotchy face.

When Heard's former nurse was asked what she made of the photos, she replied: "I’m not an expert… I mean there’s colour on her face in different areas, I don’t know what’s what."

Falati was also asked if Heard ever had expressed a fear of her now ex-husband, with the nurse telling the court that she couldn't remember.

She did say she recalled a sense of general 'discord' in Depp's and Heard's relationship, which had a tumultuous pattern of disagreements and reconciliation.

The personal nurse was questioned regarding several of her medical notes about her time working with Heard.

In particular, Falati was asked about a note, submitted to evidence, detailing an instance where the medical professional saw Heard bleeding from her lip.

Falati told the court that the actor had claimed her bleeding lip was the result from a fight with Depp.

The nurse's notes from the altercation also said that Heard claimed she had lost clumps of hair in the altercation, but when she examined the actor's head, no evidence of hair loss was found.

Heard's former nurse told the court she was employed to assist the Aquaman star with emotional and anxiety issues and to try and 'calm things down'.

One of her notes indicated that Heard experienced increased level of anxiety and agitation, and had multiple outbursts of anger and rage.

Specifically, the nurse's notes referred to an incident in London in 2014 when Heard was upset over an issue to do with her phone.

She described the actor as being 'very angry'.

Her notes also stated that Heard was yelling, crying and had an 'elevated voice'.

Other notes indicate that Falati was notified about Heard experiencing increased anxiety around the time of the her and Johnny Depp's trip to Australia in March 2015.

The actor returned to Los Angeles following an argument that led to Depp's finger injury, which the Pirates of the Caribbean star claims his then-wife was to blame because she threw a vodka bottle at him.

Heard has denied this claim and insists Depp cut the tip off his own finger in a fit of rage. .

Falati recalled the couple needed to be separated following the altercation.

The former nurse also told the court of a time where Heard’s sister Whitney said the actor was suicidal.

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