Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Refused To Sign A Prenuptial Agreement Prior To Their Wedding

Amber Heard has claimed that she was the one who suggested a prenuptial agreement prior to her wedding to Johnny Depp.
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This week, the Aquaman star has taken to the stand in order to testify in her highly publicized defamation trial against her ex-husband.

The 58-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star is suing ex-wife Heard for $50 million after she referred to herself as a "public figure representing domestic abuse" in a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post.

Heard, 36, is countersuing for $100 million - claiming she was only ever violent against Depp in self-defense or defense of her younger sister, per NBC News.
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Throughout the week, Heard has shared many allegations against Depp that have continued to make headlines, such as claiming she had to give up sex scenes in movies due to Depp's jealousy, as well as more allegations that her ex-husband was physically abusive against her.

However, during her testimony this week, Heard also spoke about how she believed Depp was "the love of her life" and recalled his "impulsive" proposal without an engagement ring.

As reported by CBS News, while reflecting on her relationship with the Edward Scissorhands star, Heard also claimed that it was her who suggested they sign a prenuptial agreement prior to their wedding on Depp’s private island in 2015.

Recalling how she floated the idea by Depp, Heard then claimed that it was him who strongly shot down the idea.

Heard told the courtroom: "[Depp] said, 'If you ever brought one up to me or if ever saw one got my hands on it I'd tear it up, any way out of this is death. The only way out of this is death.'"

The Aquaman star said that she believed a prenup would "eliminate suspicion or doubt" and it would only serve to make moving forward in the relationship "easier".

But she claims that Depp saw her proposal as a sign that she wanted to end their relationship.

"[Depp said], 'Are you already thinking of how you're getting out of this? Are you already planning to get out of this, you're already planning on leaving?' That was around the same time of moving in together conversation. He accused me having one foot out," Heard testified.
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Of course, Heard's version of events differs greatly from Depp's testimony - who claimed that it was Heard who went "into a tailspin" over the suggestion of a post-nuptial agreement that had apparently been presented to her by his lawyers.

"[Heard] kept saying, 'I'm not even in your will. I'm not even in your will,'" Depp told the court. "I thought that was an odd thing to say. Especially since I don't think anybody had had time to change wills or anything of that nature."

Depp added that Heard believed that he was attempting to "trick" her.

After 15 months of marriage, Heard filed for divorce. Their marriage was officially finalized in 2016.

Heard will continue her testimony on May 16, and is due to be cross-examined by her ex-husband's lawyers.

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