Amber Heard Expected To Testify Today After Failed Bid To Dismiss Johnny Depp Case

Amber Heard is expected to finally take the witness stand today and testify against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.
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The former celebrity couple is currently battling it out in a $50 million defamation trial, in which both are claiming to have been the real victim of domestic abuse during their short-lived and volatile marriage.

Depp, 58, first brought the lawsuit against his ex-wife over an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post in 2018, in which she claims to be a domestic abuse survivor, and which he claims ruined his reputation and career.

Heard then upped the stakes when she counter-sued for $100 million, citing multiple occasions on which she alleges Depp physically assaulted her.

So far, the blockbuster trial has been full of shock reveals as both actors' legal teams trade blows. Pirates of the Caribbean star Depp has already given his side of the story in a dramatic testimony that stretched over several days.

Now, it looks like it could finally be time to hear from Heard. Law & Crime host Jesse Weber tweeted this morning that reporters had been ordered not to bring bottled drinks to court - the same instruction they were given the day Depp took the stand.

"We were just informed we will no longer be allowed to bring bottled drinks in court. The last time we were given this instruction was when Johnny Depp first took the stand. Is this an indication Amber Heard will testify this AM?" Weber tweeted.

Heard's testimony will come after her attorneys made a final attempt to have Depp's defamation case thrown out yesterday. Before calling their first witness, Heard's lawyers asked Judge Penney Azcarate to dismiss the case on the basis that Depp had not proven his claims.

The Aquaman star's attorney Benjamin Rotternborn argued that if the court agreed Depp had assaulted Heard "even one time, she wins - it's that simple", adding that the evidence was "overwhelming and undisputed."

Rotternborn's request sparked an angry outcry from Depp's lawyer Benjamin Chew, who insisted they had supplied extensive evidence disproving that his client was an abuser, and cried out: "She's the abuser in the courtroom!"

Judge Azcarate denied Rotternborn's request, and the trial continued to proceed.

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