Amber Heard Is 'Supported' By Woman Who Speaks 'Proudly About Their Relationship'

Amber Heard is reportedly being supported by a woman who has "spoken proudly about their relationship" as the actress battles it out against her ex-husband Johnny Depp in their defamation trial.
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The 36-year-old Aquaman star is preparing to enter the final week of the explosive court case in which 58-year-old Depp is suing his former wife over a piece she wrote for The Washington Post about sexual violence.

The Edward Scissorhands star was not named in the article, but his legal team argues that it defames him nonetheless. Depp maintains that he has lost out on film roles - including those in the popular Fantastic Beasts and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises - as a result of Heard's 2018 op-ed.

While Depp has been flooded with support since the heated trial started last month, one person who has been vocal about where she stands is Scottish journalist Eve Barlow.

As reported by MailOnline, Barlow and Heard have formed a strong bond amid the legal battle the actress is facing.

In fact, a friend of the couple told the paper: "Eve has been a huge support to Amber during the trial. She is an open person and has spoken proudly about their relationship."

MailOnline also reports that Barlow has been coming to the courthouse in Fairfax County, Virginia, most days in order to be there for the Pineapple Express actress.

She even regularly tweets about the ongoing case, which has seen Heard argue that Depp sexually and physically assaulted her, with her former husband arguing that it was he who was physically abused by his ex.

On May 15, Barlow - the former deputy editor of NME - tweeted: "The horrible truth is that people love dead victims. Not living ones. People are mad that Amber Heard survived."

She also tweeted: "I can no longer 'both sides' this. It’s time to draw a line. It’s time to believe women—all women. It’s time to believe Heard. The British courts believed Depp beat his ex-wife. What’s stopping the rest of us?"

In any case, Depp is seeking $50 million in damages while Heard is countersuing for $100 million.

While Depp claims he has suffered a loss of opportunities in the film industry as a result of Heard's accusations, the latter argues her role in Aquaman 2 was dramatically reduced following the hostile response to her claims of abuse.

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