Tiktoker Claims Neighbor Is Moving Whole House Due To Property Taxes In Austin

With one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, many Austin residents are reportedly considering jumping ship due to high rental costs and property value increases as new residents pour into the city.

One TikTok creator, Riley Reed (@rileyblanksreed), said they captured an example of this in their own neighborhood.

“Meanwhile in Austin real estate, property taxes have gotten so high, our neighbor is taking their whole damn house to the hill country,” the text overlay on the video reads.

“There goes the neighborhood,” the caption added.

The video shows a loading truck with a house on it and has been viewed 85,000 times in under a week.

Commenters spoke to their political views when it comes to the Texas housing market, with some pinning the blame on the relocation of out-of-state transplants.

“It’s all these people moving from California,” one commenter wrote.

“Now we’re getting Florida people too apparently because their housing costs on (California) level,” another commenter wrote.

“Abbott failed Texas,” a third said. “In California our property taxes don’t go up more than 2% per year.”

Others opined about the state’s property tax rate, which is reportedly one of the highest in the nation.

“Property taxes is Texas are in sane 3% with valuation changes every year,” one commenter wrote. “California 1% and based on purchase price.”

“People on here really complaining about California not realizing Cali has less than half the property tax Texas has,” another commenter wrote.

“Me in (California) laughing my ass off paying $3,200 in taxes on a $800k house I bought for $241k four minutes from the beach,” a commenter wrote. “But ya ooga booga income tax.”

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