Photos Amber Heard Took Of Johnny Depp Passed Out While 'Intoxicated' Shown In Court

Yesterday marked day two of Amber Heard's explosive testimony against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

As well as detailing her former partner's substance abuse issues, the Aquaman actor's legal team presented jurors with photos of Depp passed out, which she claims she took so he couldn't deny that he was using while they were together.

The celebrity exes are currently embroiled in a $50 million defamation lawsuit, in which Depp is suing Heard over a 2018 Washington Post op-ed where she alleged she was a survivor of domestic abuse. Heard, meanwhile, is countersuing for $100 million, citing multiple occasions when she claims Depp physically assaulted her.

As part of her testimony yesterday, Heard, 36, sought to establish that her ex had a serious substance abuse problem for the duration of their volatile relationship.

"I only could tell what he was using because I would have to look for clues,' she told the court on Thursday. "[He'd] pass out, and get sick and lose control of himself. And then people would pick him up and clean him up and fix it."

"He wouldn’t either remember, or he would deny it, or he would accuse me of saying that this had happened when it didn’t. And there was no one to back me up. [It was] just him, his employees, and everyone who had been taking care of him versus my word," Heard, continued, adding: "and so I started to take pictures [to] say: 'Look, this is happening.'"

In the photos, the Pirates of the Caribbean star can be seen sleeping either in chairs or on the ground in what Heard alleges are varying stages of intoxication.

Among the snap is a picture of Depp passed out in a lawn chair, and another of him slumped forwards on a sofa that Heard claims was taken after he had been on a "bender".

"This was after a several day binge of Johnny's. He was, you know, on a drug binge where I saw him not eating, [getting] little to no sleep, and he would just use cocaine and drink all day long," the actress said.

"That would go for a period of time and then a major blow up, and then he'd get sick and pass out and then feel really awful and often including this time would start a period of sobriety after that," she described.

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