13-Year-Old Trades In Xbox And Does Yard Work So He Can Surprise His Single Mom With New Car

William Preston has to be one of the most amazing 13-year-old kid's ever. After watching his mother, Krystal Preston, struggle as a single mom, William decided to do something to help. The young boy decided that buying his mom a new car would make her life substantially easier.
So the entrepreneur set out to do housework and yard work for people living in his hometown of Fernley, Nevada. William told KOLO-TV that he had always liked the videos of people being surprised with new cars and decided that his mom deserved that as well.

William found a white Chevrolet Metro that a local woman was selling on the internet. He contacted the woman and explained the situation, asking if he could trade his XBOX for it or work to earn the vehicle.
While the woman said no initially, she eventually reconsidered. Krystal was shocked when William told her that he had got her a new car:

"I lost it, I bawled so bad, I was just like, there's no way," she told KOLO-TV. "At my low point, here comes my son."

However, reality sank in when she walked outside to see the seller was waiting outside her home to drive her to the new car and to complete all of the necessary paperwork.
Although the Metro needs some work done, Krystal said that it is just perfect for her. Clearly, Krystal is incredibly proud of her son and his giving heart. Your hope in the youngest generation of kids will be restored when you watch this amazing video. William deserves to be celebrated for his hard work and generosity.

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