10 people who most likely regret having their lips done

We all have different opinions about what is attractive and what’s not. Admittedly, what matters is how we are inside.

However, many of us still have our preferences about the outside. So, of course, it’s nice to know someone appreciates the effort you put into looking good.

However, some will go to any lengths to look the way they want. They have no issue getting into surgeries, invasive treatments, or procedures to achieve their goal.

As a result, the beauty industry has probably never been bigger – and many people choose to spend thousands for a chance to improve their appearance.

I would never do this myself, but I won’t judge anyone who does.

(Here at The Laugh Club, we not only write about funny things. We also like to follow exceptional cases – and we, therefore, do not mean to mock or ridicule anyone. Everyone has the right to live however they want and change their exterior without caring about what others think.)

Nowadays, it’s common for people to spend a lot of money puffing their lips – trying to make them bigger – so here is a list of startling examples of how things can go very wrong.

According to The Sun, what we call “porn star lips” is becoming more and more popular. But is bigger always better? Well, it is definitely debatable!

1. The only man on the list! But is it an honor?

2. A World Guinness Records contestant?

3. Oops!

4. The lips are almost as big as the bird.

5. I’m not gonna lie. It looks like she was stung.
6. So sexy!.. yay…

7. I hope she doesn’t regret it.

8. They look like they are about to burst!
9. Her duckface game is strong.
10. She must spend a fortune on lip balm.

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