Zoo Staff Concerned Panda Will Reject Baby Until Cameras Catch Moment Instincts Kick In

A panda named Min Min gave birth to a healthy baby, but doctors were concerned. In the wild, pandas immediately bond with their young after birth, but doctors at this zoo wanted to examine the baby to ensure it had been born healthy.

This initial separation concerned zoo staff who thought that it might mean the panda mother would then reject the newborn forever.
Doctors and zoo staff examined the panda baby thoroughly and concluded that she was born healthy and happy. Zoo staff and doctors worked carefully to remove any traces of their scent from the baby, as this might trigger Min Min to reject her.

It was time for the big moment- would Min Min reject her baby forever?
All cameras were focused on mama Min Min and her baby when it was released back into her cage. They held their breath and waited for the mama panda's reaction.

Unfortunately, Min Min wasn't reacting to her tiny baby panda. Zoo staff was terrified that the baby would be forever rejected. They tried a few tricks to get Min Min to understand the baby was hers.

Cameras caught Min Min's amazing emotional reaction when she finally understood that the baby is hers:

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