Workers Say They Left Juice Bar Job After Owners Left Them With Messy Store In Viral Video

A viral TikTok shows two Nekter Juice Bar workers who say they’re quitting the “most toxic job” after the owners left a mess for them to clean up.

“So the owners closed the store, left it a fucking—hold on, just wait,” says user @dumbmut4afuc7er in the clip, which was posted on Monday. “All this shit, oh yeah, this shit in the sink, like, what the hell is this? So we’re walking out, and we quit.”

The clip shows food containers and boxes of produce left out in the kitchen and food scraps in the sink.

The clip then shows the TikToker’s co-worker, Leeya (@leeyamarz), who is holding up a piece of paper that reads, “Closed. No employees to open, we quit.”

The clip flashes to the paper being posted on the front door. “Toodles, Nekter,” the TikToker’s co-worker says. Nekter Juice Bar is a cold-pressed juice franchise with 161 locations in 19 states, according to its website.

By Tuesday, the TikTok had over 1.3 million views.

In the comments, someone wrote, “It’s the fact that this probably wasn’t the first time the owners closed and left it a mess but got on the employees to always give 100%.”

The TikToker who posted the video replied: “THIS^^ [the owner] left the mess cause I didn’t want to work a 13 hour shift.” They added another comment, “We’ve been cleaning their messes for months while only having 8 people on staff.”

“Can’t stop watching this lol proud of us,” Leeya commented.

Other commenters applauded the two workers. “Be proud,” one TikToker wrote.

“The owners clearly don’t respect their own business so why should you? good job,” another TikToker commented.

Others said how “unsanitary” the kitchen was left by the owners.

Some TikTokers pointed out the hypocrisy of the owners. “But if an employee did this they would get written up and their hours would DROP significantly,” one TikToker commented.

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