Worker Says His Job Offered Him A Promotion—with A $20,000 Pay Cut

In a viral TikTok video, a worker says he was offered a job promotion with a salary range that is $20,000 less than he currently makes.

“So, I found out I will be offered a promotion at work today which is great, except one little issue here,” user @kinkedslinky says.

In the video, shared April 13, the worker says his boss is being promoted to a higher position in the company, leading the current assistant operations manager to move up to the operations manager position. He says they want him to move into the soon-to-be vacant assistant manager role from his current job as an installer. However, the TikToker claims the salary range they offered was less than ideal.

“My boss told me they would be offering me a salary range that would be a roughly $20,000 cut. I’m gonna say that again, $20,000 less than what I’m currently making,” he says.

The employee says he knows what the current assistant operations manager makes, and his offer did not match up.

“Why am I going to be offered less than what he’s making?” he questions. “And I know he’s going to get a raise when he gets promoted, so why am I being offered less money for a job where I’m gonna have more responsibilities? I’m gonna have a larger workload—it’ll be different work, but it’ll be a larger workload—where I’m going to be asked to manage a number of people beneath me.”

He says he will likely stay in his current position and look for a new job, if his company does not increase the salary range.

“And people are wondering why everyone hates working for these giant fucking corporations that make millions upon millions of dollars,” he says.

In an update video shared April 26, @kinkedslinky says that several managers in the Midwest have quit, including his regional operations manager, which he considers to be a “big red flag.”

“We’re all a little on edge,” he says. “And I don’t know, if they gave me the dollar-amount that I wanted, if I would want that position at this point.”

His initial video received nearly 500,000 views, and many viewers were outraged at the company’s proposal.

“This is why everyone should talk about what they make at work,” one user said.

“I don’t think they understand the concept of promotion,” another said.

“It’s a family and you will get a pizza party,” a third user joked, noting common rhetoric used by companies to keep their employees at bay.

A few users speculated as to why the company did not offer a higher salary.

“Yeah they’re offering you a cut because they don’t want you but feel obligated to offer it to you first. they probably really wanna hire from outside,” one user suggested.

“Because the people above those two don’t want you to take the job,” another argued.

However, several viewers encouraged the worker to move on from the company.

“This just happened to me.. I quit and found a higher paying job with better benefits doing the same work,” one user said.

“Leave the company. They don’t respect you,” another argued.

“Titles don’t mean a damn thing. Make your money,” a third user noted.

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